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Sunday, 11 October 2009

You and I are Free Forever

You and I are Free Forever
A poem written by Master to Rajarsi Janakananda May 5 1949.

My Little One,
You and I are one.
In Mother Supreme
In Her Eternity's dream.
When this Earth melts in the cosmic death
And our bodies dissolve, as they must,
Still our souls as a blended starlet will shine
Forever, ever expanding in the Divine.
This life is not only a dream,
But a dream
That already has come and gone
In the Mind of the Divine One.
Thus, do I behold with Eternity's eyes of old
All our earthly business pressures
Scant successes, struggles, and nightmares
All already dissolved in Time's cosmic molten stream
Flowing from Her cosmic dream.
You and I though nigh,
Are no more here
In this cosmic motion picture.
Since you are gone
There is no worry,
Struggle none:
Only to calmly remember
We dreamt our dream and now are with Her, only Her.
Dreams are disturbing and hard to take,
But each dreamer should dream half-awake.
Nightmares and beautiful dreams
Are true awhile, but never as they seem
So good or bad, whatever be coming,
Remember you are dreaming, only dreaming.
This dream lies that we are here,
Prisoners of a clot of earth
Chained to life and death
While we are already free-everywhere
'Tis delusion that tells
Salvation and freedom are far away
'Tis wisdom that knows we dwell
In everlasting freedom now and always.
In wakefulness of samadhi's light
Forget all dreams of the cosmic night
You and I are free forever
Now, e'en now, in the Cosmic Mother.
Where we are
No scratch of worries can ever come near.
You and I forever are
Shining in Her Love's star.