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Selected Poems of Paramahansa Yogananda with suitable pictures.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Thine Ever-Changing Face

Thine Ever-Changing Face
Thine ever-changing face of ocean and sky
I beheld with great joy.
Sometimes calm, unruffled,
Thy ble Face silently suggests:
"I am the creator of all creation - be calm with Me."
Sometimes Thy face breaks into endless laughter
And ripples of light
Displaying silver muscles.
Sometimes Thy skiey oceanic Face
Storms and howls at me:
"I can destroy all creation."
Sometimes Thy boundless Face
Wears the gloom of Nemesis and the sad clouds
Sorrowing with the sorrows of the world.
Sometimes Thy sea-Face smiles; or, scorchingly aglow
With violet rays to burn the darkness of disease,
Thy sunny ocean-Face reveals paternal warmth and care.
Sometimes Thy pale blue sky-and-ocean Face
Wears the dark veil of night
Adorned with the beauty mark of the moon,
And eyes me with maternal love.
Sometimes Thy sky-ocean Face
Suddenly is dark with gloom
And saddened into oblivion of all things,
Meditating on Thy own Spirit alone, saying:
"So long I entertained thee
With My cosmic emotions
Of calmness, power, fear, joy, meditation,
Sun, moon and storm.
Now I hide my Face
Into the bosom of eternity
That thou mayest be able to behold My unseen Face
Sleeping in dreamless wakefulness
Behind the shroud of nothingness."

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Yet How Elusive

Yet How Elusive
I looked for You
Ever since You breathed individuality
Into my soul dew
And separated me from You
Because I am the wave
Jerked out of Your sea
I've ever tried myself to reunite
With Your boundless bosom of freedom and light -
Though lashed
And by all other waves and by karma dashed -
Yet again and again
The storm of my own desires o'er the cosmic main
Would send me sailing alone, sad,
With colliding brother waves, cruel restive mad,
I am the wavelet life in great unrest
Swimming on Your cosmic sea-breast.
And yet how elusive You are
So near and so far.
My little life swam in loneliness and worries
Beneath the vistas of centuries,
Beneath countless lights of mily way , moons and suns,
Beneath the darkness of many desires undone,
Beneath the fogs of intricate incarnations
And 'neath clouds of doleful delusions.
Now at last I discovered
Just beneath my ignorance You lay covered,
'Twas I who ignored You -
Not You, not You -
When You were so near
Kept by my absent mind so far:
The ocean of life
Through all my strife
Supporting , ever-sustaining
Ever-pursuing, ever watchfully remaining
To protect me from harm
Just beneath the truant wavelet of my little life
Blessed with Your sheltering charm.
- Paramahansa Yogananda

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